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By Barry Parker 05 Feb, 2017
A study by Digital Marketing, showed that Internet giant Google continues to dominate the global search engine market (71%). Google now profile websites based on various factors including chronological social media posts, but uses data that identifies if  a website is 'mobile friendly'. If it is, it would profile higher than another website with the same key word search tag.

In 2015 a study by salesforce showed, 91% of people use a desktop to search the internet, 80% use a smartphone, 47% use a tablet, and 37% use a games console.   Is your website mobile responsive? If not, your brand could be damage with consumers stating they are 'unlikely' to continue growing a website that was difficult to navigate and 'not fast loading'.

A consideration must be taken here by business owners to identify if having an unresponsive website is restricting potentials clients and sales.

Our mobile and tablet responsive website packages start from just £395.00 - check out our portfolio :)
By Barry Parker 03 Feb, 2017
Do you know if you have a brand? If the answer is No, you need one, fast, and here is why.

Branding is one of the most critical business tools you can possess. If you are a one man band, an SME or even a large multi-national company - your brand identifies you to your client before they even make contact with you (if the do!). No matter how big or how small your business is, what you represent can be defined by the client by how you are represented in a digital format. A bad looking logo, a bad looking website or poor advertising designs can really damage and effect traffic being driven to your business. Maybe you think your logo is good and your website is ok - have you asked anyone for genuine feedback? Businesses who bury their heads in the sand with branding really are restricting sales potential and business growth.

Whether you are doing digital, print, television, or in-person marketing, your brand is what clients expect you to deliver. Whether your B2B branding focuses on excellent customer service, personalized solutions, cost-effective products, or fast delivery, your branding sets the stage for clients’ expectations.

Ultimately you have to backup what your brand represents. Customer service being the most critical dynamic to any business operation, but if you have no clients due to a poor image - you need to take action.

So what does it cost to be 'branded'? It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but Piston specialise in the fundamentals - Logo, Website, Point of Sale Material and Social Media. Our packages start from just £395.00 for a fully mobile and tablet responsive website, Logo design from just £95.00 and Social Media Management from just £75/month. We offer bundle packages, so get in touch to discuss your exact requirements. 

By Barry Parker 07 Jan, 2017
With a busy start of the year for Piston, we are finding that the 'mobile responsive' factor to our website product a huge player in securing contracts. Have you ever tried to locate a business website only to find a glitchy, difficult (sometimes impossible) text that is both visually poor and unattractive to the eye? Hold that thought and consider potential clients landing on your website to find the same thing... Luckily for you (and your business) our eye catching websites are fully mobile responsive - check out Piston Design on your mobile for a guide.

Our NEW in house designed flyer (above) will be hitting the streets soon - remember to share, support and like us on all your favourite social media platforms :)

The Piston Team.
By Barry Parker 29 Nov, 2016
The Piston responsive website product enables your business to create a responsive website with high-end visual integration. Not only do our websites only look great, but follow Google’s SEO best practices and come with loads of business-driving widgets. The product is used worldwide by a host of multi national's including YELL, OpenTable, 123REG and GoDaddy to name but a few.

We work hard to make your project work for you and your business.
By Barry Parker 27 Nov, 2016
WOW! An unexpcted influx of enquiries and new projects has been piston firmly on the map with local businesses. We have even managed an enquiry from Scotland after a referral from a client website. We are always interested in starting new projects, so please email the studio, call, tweet, message or contact us directly through any of our social media platforms. 

Our most popular product has been the dynamic, mobile, tablet and desktop responsive 'landing page'. The project costs just £395 and includes all the required SEO to get your business online with a heavy digital footprint.

Remember we specialise on looking after the little guys, so don't be shy....
By Barry Parker 14 Oct, 2016
Over the last two months, Piston have design, developed and successfully launched two very client specific dynamic websites that require the bespoke finish expected by potential business contractors.

The scope for both websites were both similar, 'It must impress our demographic of client' - the website projects we developed and initial 'landing pages' that provide an initial insight to the company structure. With that said, the websites had to have the functionality to grow, reach out to new businesses and demonstrate an exceptional level of quality.

Dean Parry and Nick Bond from BPI Recruitment were both impressed with the progress made over such a short period of time. 'The project exceeded our expectations'.

visit www.bpirec.co.uk

David Webb from David Webb Associates added, 'Thanks for your excellent work'. The DWA project included full Domain Name Management, digital media landing page and as with all of Pitson's projects, a dynamic website that is highly visual on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices.

visit www.davidwebbassociates.com

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